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Welcome to our restaurant PETER & WOLFF

We have simply changed the name. Apart from that, our 125 years of traditional family cooking is ongoing with the exact same enthusiasm for quality and service as it was the case under the name "Zirbelstube".

Our highest priority is the quality of our food. That applies to the product itself as well as to the preparation. We set a high value on using seasonal products which are cooked with lots of creativity and craftsmanship. Wherever possible our aim is to use regional products as we cultivate a personal contact to our farmers and suppliers. The daily preparation, in combination with our first class products, guarantees the highest quality possible, as our goal is to offer our guests an honest and straightforward cuisine.

Peter&Wolff Restaurant employees and entrance

History of the restaurant

This restaurant opposite the “central station” has always been a part of the Eden Hotel Wolff since its foundation in 1890 by Carl O. Wolff, a salesman from Plauen. The hotel as well as the beautiful dining area in Art Nouveau soon became a fancied venue for the elegant Munich society. Unfortunately massive bombing of the area around the central station during the last months of the Second World War caused serious damage to the hotel and restaurant. Thankfully the restaurant was able to reopen in 1948; the hotel followed in the year 1950 in connection with the Oberammergau Passion Play.

Peter and Wolff Restaurant


High quality meat – a special offer to you

As our ambition is to serve the best meat possible we have decided to go new ways. We can guarantee that an increasing proportion of the meat on our menu is obtained from calves and cattle raised naturally on lush meadows. The exclusive nutrition of our animals are the meadows in regions near Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm. During the winter they are also fed with hay that has been harvested throughout the warm summer months. It goes without saying that our stock is raised without any growth hormones or any addition of feed pellets. Thus a natural and calm growth is attained. The only barn they know is the one they use to shelter themselves from uncomfortable weather. No factory farming, no physical fixation. Slaughtering is carried out humanely to keep the animals’ stress level as low as possible. The result is a pure taste of meat which must first be experienced individually by all of us. Whether the unadulterated flavour with all its vitamins and minerals, on the lush and herb rich meadows, is appreciated by you can only be discovered by - you – our guest.

We are very happy to be able to offer you the opportunity of trying this very special “Schmankerl”.

Peter&Wolff Restaurant

Whether ingenious international titbits or proper Bavarian dishes our chef Christian Sippel and his team offer you culinary delights that inspire the genuine Munich as well as the international guest.

Classics - Best of

Crisp roast pork -oven-fresh- with malt beer sauce, served with potato dumpling and Bavarian cabbage salad – while stocks last 14,80 EUR

Breaded escalope of Bavarian calf, fried in clarified butter, with cranberries and fried potatoes or chips 24,00 EUR

Char fillet, fried in butter, with herb potatoes and colourful mixed salad 25,80 EUR

Strong Bavarians, spicy beef sausages of Bavarian pasture cattle on sauerkraut with apple, gravy and roasted potatoes 14,80 EUR

Stewed Black Angus sirloin steak with fried onions, served with fried potatoes and colourful mixed salad 25,80 EUR

Crespelle, pancakes filled with ricotta, spinach and dried tomatoes, refined with herbs, topped and browned with Parmesan cheese on a fruity tomato sugo
and a colourful mixed salad 14,90 EUR

Our suppliers

We are proud that since last year we get the major part of our meat and sausages from sustainable raising and from family business around Munich. In this place we are glad to present our suppliers.

Peter&Wolff Restaurant Lieferanten

Beef and veal:
Brigitte Mayr
Holzried 3a
85276 Pfaffenhofen

Huberhof, Familie Wildgruber
Stephansweg 6
85777 Fahrenzhausen

Tegernseer Brauhaus
Our beer supplier - Tegernseer Brauhaus

With its history of 1000 years the Ducal Bavarian Brewery Tegernsee is not only one the oldest breweries in Bavaria but the oldest worldwide. The Benedictine abbey Tegernsee with the brewery was founded 746 AD by the Brothers Ottokar and Adalbert. When the monastery was disbanded in 1803 the survival of the brewery was endangered. Fortunately the Bavarian King Max Joseph bought the so called “Königlich Braune Bierbrauhaus Tegernsee”. Due to his and his successors’ initiative the brewery was always kept on the latest technological level. So it could keep up with the modern Munich breweries. Today he Ducal Bavarian Brewery Tegernsee is led by HRH Duchess Anna in Bavaria and belongs to the old Bavarian breweries which have become ambassadors of the Bavarian culture and mentality all over the world.


Our Rooms

The origin of the former name “Zirbelstube” was due to the use of arolla pine which can still be found in the restaurant giving it its cosy atmosphere as it remains in its natural colour shade. The “Tonne”, an arch-styled side room of the restaurant adapts the well known Bavarian down-to-earth mentality with its classic interior. In the back of our restaurant you will find the “Rembrandt Room”. It is the only part of the hotel which survived the chaos of the Second World War without damage whatsoever and displays the exact same beauty as it did in the founding year of 1890. The “Rembrandt Room” offers the perfect and dignified surrounding for any family festivity or important business meeting under the eyes of the noblemen portrayed.

The Peter & Wolff was, and will always be, the perfect address for anyone who seeks a venue centrally located in Munich with an excellent but still down-to-earth cuisine.

Peter and Wolff Restaurant
Peter and Wolff Restaurant


By Metro: Metro lines U1/2/4/5 stop Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)
By Train: Munich Central Station, Hotel is located opposite the exit Arnulfstraße
By Tram: Lines 16 and 17 stop opposite the hotel, line 19 200 meters at the crossroads Arnulfstraße/Dachauer Straße
By Bus: Various bus lines stop Central Station (Hauptbahnhof)

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